I waked up today with the only idea of taking my backpack and my passport and run to the airport. Sadly while my brain was waking up too, I realize that my bank account won’t let me realize my dream. So I stay in bed for a few more minutes. Since I wasn’t going to travel I was able to sleep a little longer. When finally got up and start the day, I found so many things in my mail, facebook, news, etc etc that really make me angry, so I decided to stay in my dream where I was in an airplane, going anywhere.

This note is not about places a have been, and how much I enjoy them. This note is about places I have always wanted to go, for some crazy reasons, but not yet have the chance.


When I was about 10 years old my stepfather showed me some old magazines about Greek mythology. Each of them was the history of one god, and he had a lot. I have been a nerd my whole life, and those magazines where the start point of an insane obsession with mythology. I start reading about north mythology, American, Incas cosmovision, but Greek mythology had always a special place in my heart for being the first.

My favorite goddess was Athena, the smartest of all. It was great to see a “religion” where women have the same power as men. But more than that to read about so powerful been that made same mistakes that human do. I always wanted to travel to Greece and found this amazing places created for the gods. So, of course, my first stop will be Athens. Then I will love to go to Santorini, a few years ago I found this article about little towns to visit, and Santorini was the one I fall in love first. All those with and blue houses build like a mountain, so beautiful.


I remember that when I was about 15, I wanted to live in any other part of the world. I really like Ecuador, but I wanted to know more. So, in some of my dreams (god knows why), I was sent to a boarding school in London. I was a little bit a nerd in school so, I guess that living in the school wasn’t that bad for me, also the soap opera “Rebelde Way” was very in, so… Anyway, I have always had this thing with London, the cold, the fog, using nice coats, I don’t know, it seems really nice. There’s also the Harry Potter part, yes I love Harry Potter and I will be a very happy person if I get to know the 9 3/4 Platform.

After doing the Harry Potter tour around all London, of course, I would go to the Buckingham Palace and the London Tower. One of my favorites parts of knowing European cities are the castles and palace. Seeing all the little things they have, the furniture, everything with so many details, and I guess that everything has its own story.


I remember I had a very weird dream, it was in a house, and I was with some friends, I don’t really remember what happened, but I remember feeling really good, and that I knew I was in Brazil. That day my obsession started. I don’t know why exactly, but in this dream, I just feel incredible, like this house was the place I was supposed to live. So I start to investigate Brazil, the culture, the music, the food, I actually bought a cd of samba.  And, well I haven’t been able to go yet.

I definitely will go to Rio de Janeiro, I have heard a lot of things, that Rio is not the best city, but I think that there are some places that you have to go, and Rio is one for me. Go to the Cristo del Corcovado, and then enjoy a caipiriña in Ipanema beach.  I will love to go to a samba school and see how they get prepared for the carnival. I don’t think I would go during the carnival, it may be too many people for me. But definitely, see samba schools.

Another beautiful place I would love to see is the Selearon stairs. This is a group of stairs full of colors, this was made by a Chilean artist, he started in 1990 and is in a constant renovation. Is a living and changing piece of art. All the stairs are cover in porcelain pieces.


Well, I need money… what are those places that for no logical reason you would love to go? Maybe we can put more places in our bucket list.









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  1. Que.lindo leer esto en el insomnio, también sueño despierto con Londres y la grecia de los filósofos, en Brasil ya tuve la dicha de estar dos veces, un sueño de país.

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