I was going to write something about travels, but with the major victory that Argentina had today, I fell that I needed to write something about it, travel note will come tomorrow, today we celebrate.

I understand why a person could be against abortion, I get that if you believe in soul and God, you could not be able to believe that an embryo is just a group of cells. Because of course in your believes that group of cells is a life. I get it, and I think is perfectly correct to believe in whatever you want to believe, and as for a group of people embryos are lives, for another group of people embryos are just group of cells. I relate to the second one.

But I think that the debate about the abortion has nothing to do with your beliefs, in fact, beliefs and morality should not be a part of the discussion. Is necessary that all Latin America follow the lead of Argentina and start changing the laws about abortion. Here in Ecuador we had an opportunity a few years ago, and the president Rafael Correa sanctioned the assemblywoman that present the law project, and she just shut up, a super feminist woman just shut up when the president told her to do it. And after that, not only abortion didn’t get to be legal, but now it is also penalized, yes, in Ecuador, you can go 6 months or more to jail if you get an abortion. Why? Because our system for family planning “Plan Familia” was created by a very Catholic woman, with the support of a very catholic president. They put theirs believes ahead the real needs that our society has.  We as Ecuadorian women, men and citizen need to fight to have rights that apply to our real lives and not to the beliefs of someone.

Here are 4 reason why abortion has to legalize all over the world.

Is not about what you believe

If you think that when a spermatozoid and an ovule found each other, there’s a life created and a been with a soul willing to get born, it ok. That’s what you believe, and you should live your life according to that belief. But if I think that when a spermatozoid and an ovule join is just that, two cells together, I should live according to that belief. Isn’t that respect? Living without bothering the others? I will never try to convince a person of an abortion. I actually had two friends that get pregnant in the worst moments of their lives, and for me, it was very clear they should not have the baby, they both had them, and it was incredible because it was what they want. Nobody forced them to have their babies, and no one tried to convince them to don’t have them either, it was their choice.

Legalize abortion will not make women abort just because it will give women the option.

Let’s take God, family (traditional), and morality out of the question

I don’t believe in God (I respect the people that do), my parents get divorced when I was 3 so for me, a family is not the mother, father, siblings thing, or not necessarily. And during my (still not that long) life I have seen people that are morally “perfect” being complete asses. I create my own “credo” that morality rules, the traditional ones, will not agree with me.

So if you take this three ideas of the discussion you will not have the “You’re killing a life”, the “This is going to change the family and therefore our society, the family is the most important.”, the “You have to take responsibility for your acts”, and the “Where are the child rights?” arguments. Without them, why you are against LEGALIZE the abortion?

Is not about you

When comes to this kind of discussion people thing they have to change their ways or life if the laws change, also they think that their opinions are important. Well, no. Is not important really, I’m sorry but is not about your life, or what you want, it’s also not about me, is about a general view. An abortion is a desition that is made by a woman in a certain moment of her life.

Let’s talk about the girl that get pregnant because she was drunk and didn’t find a condom. First I want to make a little parenthesis, she is not the only one that gets pregnant, the guy that was drunk and didn’t have a condom also is going to be a father, but because he can just go and never come back, we don’t put him in the discussion, and I think is wrong, as the guy doesn’t have any responsibility. Ok, I will write about it on another occasion.

Again, the girl that was completely irresponsible and have a few drinks get hot and had sex with no protection. If she didn’t want to have kids, yes, she was irresponsible, but how many times in your life you are irresponsible? Hey, how many times in a day? And there are many different ways of taking responsibility for your actions. If this girl was just planning to start college, and go to a different place in the world, and decide that is not the moment for being a mother, and gets an abortion, she, actually, is taking responsibility for her actions and making a choice, and your opinion about that choice is really not important. If she decides to change all her plans and have her baby, my opinion is not important, all that matter is her opinion.

It’s already happening, you can’t stop the world

I’m sorry but is true, women have been aborting for longer than you can believe, this is not something new, now you have the certainty that when you get an abortion there will be no baby in nine months, but before there where different kinds of herbs that do the job, as now that there are pills that do it. Don’t believe those terrible images of little babies being cut in the middle, that doesn’t happen. But abortions do happen, and if it becomes legal or not is going to still happen. What is in our hand to decide if women can decide with liberty or have to decide underground.

Having a procedure like this being illegal only create a big web of illegal businesses where the people are the ones who suffer. Let’s take the case of the drunk girl again. Since it was not a rape and her health is perfectly she can’t get an abortion according to the law in Ecuador, in fact, she can go to jail and the doctor that do it too. So she has different possibilities, let’s say this girl is from a very traditional family middle-low class, she has short access to information, so she doesn’t know about those magic pills that do all the job. Obviously, she can’t tell her parents because they will make her married (even when she doesn’t remember the guy name), so she talks to a friend that knows a friend, that has a cousin, that knows a doctor, but this doctor charge a big amount of money, money that she doesn’t have. So she has to find another doctor. When she does, that doctor, that maybe is not a doctor, has this very antihygienic office, and the operation room is full with very old medical devices, a place where doesn’t feel safe.

Let’s say she doesn’t die, hey let’s say everything goes ok, nobody knows, she doesn’t get any infection, let’s not be dramatic. Still, the whole experience is wrong. And I know you’re going to say, hey but she was irresponsible, there have to be consequences for her acts, and she should take responsibility, so I will ask you to read again the 3 point, because deciding to have an abortion is also taking responsibility of your actions, and it doesn’t matter what you think everybody takes responsibilities in different ways. But make a decision should not be a possible death threat.




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